Dear Friends,
During the past 23 years, we have put the smile back on the faces of many customers who were distraught and saddened by the damage to their vehicles. As we have restored our clients’ investments to pre-accident condition, we have received much positive feedback.

Here is just a sampling of what people say about our work:

Doug Roach, the owner of Collision Repair Specialists, is an amazing person to work with. Unfortunately, I had to take my 2008 Acura to him twice in one year. The work was immaculate. The parts were ordered the day I dropped my car off. The paint match was perfect, in any light. What was most impressive, was how Doug and his shop manager kept me in the loop every step of the way. When I got my car back (both times), the detail work was unlike any I have ever had done. The interior, exterior, and even the engine was detailed. The car was better than new.

I have sent 2 family members and 3 friends to Collision Repair Specialists, and they have all had the Same experience. First Class Service.
-Tim C.

Had my Subaru involved in accident. I went to a couple of different shops to get quotes. Most of the shops I went to said that they where the best, but by the looks of their office and shop, I don't see how they could find parts to put a car together.

At Collision Repair Specialists, their office was clean and the shop was organized. The office manager knew what he was talking about when it came to my car.

When I went to go pick my car up, they had it looking like it was off the dealership floor and ready to sell again.

I am really happy with the repairs they did, and refer them to all my family and friends. So if you are looking for a good shop, I would tell you to take it to them because they are truly "Collision Repair Specialists" when it comes to fixing damage vehicles. Thanks C.R.S.
-Rene R

This vehicle was crashed into a storefront. After the repair,
it looked like it had just been driven off the dealer lot.

They Really Know What They Are Doing
Good place to get your car repaired from an accident. These guys really know what they are doing (they even teach classes for people who are trying to get into collision repair), and did a good job on my car when some guy rammed it from behind and bent everything up.

I can't say anything towards price, because the other guy's insurance covered it.

Trustworthy and Expert
Doug has been repairing cars for a long time, and has the credentials to prove it.

I took one of his I-CAR classes several years ago. I-CAR is an international, not-for-profit training organization that helps those in this field to keep up to date on changes in technology. I wanted to be sure to take my car to a place where I knew that they had the right equipment and technical knowledge.

This quality shop is one that I highly recommend.

The professionals at Collision Repair Specialists were great! I have used them twice in the last 2 years, and I have continued to receive excellent service and workmanship.

Doug Roach, the owner, is a very professional, detailed and pleasant man who offers suggestions and gives answers in your time of need. The first time I met Doug I was alone, and being a single woman, sometimes men in the automotive industries try to take advantage of us, but Doug was very pleasantly different and totally respected me as a person in need of his services. That is what made me go back to him again.

John, his office manager, was also great. He was professional and pleasant, and tried to help me to the best of his ability. He sympathized with me in regards to the damage on my vehicle, and how it got there (theft) and I felt as though he could feel my pain.

This time, I was not alone; my man was with me, but they still treated us with the same courtesy and respect. Doug has 23 years of auto body experience and he has several degrees, so anyone who thinks he is uneducated because he owns a "body shop" is terribly mistaken. I hope that I never have to meet with Doug or John again, obviously because I don't want to have damage to my vehicle, but if it did happen, I would take my precious vehicle (Princess) to them. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family. Signed, A very satisfied customer.

P.S. Don't mistake Collision Repair Specialists with Collision Repair CENTER. They are not the same.
-Ms. T.

The front end of this Tahoe had been completely destroyed.
The fit and finish were factory-perfect after the repair.

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